Handbook on Chemicals


The Handbook on Chemicals has undergone a major revision since the previous version.

This version seeks to improve the identification of scheduled chemicals by National Authorities. Harmonized System codes for all scheduled chemicals have been added in accordance with the Recommendation of the World Customs Organization. Most commonly traded chemicals have been updated.

  • All pictures have been redrawn and changed to Windows Metafile Format, which allow higher quality and can be easily enlarged or converted into mol files, which are compatible with most chemicals drawing software.
  • All chemical names have been made consistent with the rules for naming compounds in the OPCW Central Analytical Database, and more than 500 new synonyms have been added.
  • More than 120 new CAS Registry numbers and 600 new CAS index names have been included.
  • IUPAC names have been verified and more than 270 new IUPAC names have been added.

Should you find mistakes or wish to give us your comments, please send them to: deb[at]opcw[dot]org, tel: 31 70 416 3543, 31 70 416 3064

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